Custom Metal Trim

Custom Trim Made Quickly & Accurately

Custom trim makes a building beautiful and puts the finishing touches on complex projects. We use the industry's leading machinery and take pride in getting you precisely what you need faster than anybody else. We stock a massive inventory of trims that are available in 35+ colors. If you need custom trim quickly and precisely, Hixwood will take care of you.

Get Custom Trim In Days, Not Weeks

Metal is all we do. We stock more, bend faster, and cut closer.


Measure Twice, Cut Once

Mistakes make you look sloppy. We’ll get you what you need the first time.

Our Materials

No Minimums

Sometimes you just need one custom piece to complete a project. We’ll give your project the time and detail it deserves whether you’re trimming out a cow palace or a single corner piece. We love custom and will get you what you need quickly.

For Form and Function

Custom trim has to do two things: It needs to look great and bring a project to completion. We have 35+ colors and the expertise to make it fit just where you need it. Get what you need, finish your project, and enjoy what your hands built.

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Unbeatable Turnaround

We learned a long time ago that that when you need metal, you need it fast. We take metal seriously and keep a massive inventory so you can get your materials rapidly - even for custom projects. Let’s talk.

35+ Color Options

Color matters. Sure, your building needs to be spec’ed right and get the job done. But it also needs to look unique and fit the people and surroundings that it’s built for. We have your color.

Pride in Perfection

When it comes to custom trim, we understand that our name is on the line. We take the time and interest to get every single piece of material exactly right. We’ll make it fast, but we’ll also make it right.

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