From Sunshine to Snowstorms, Viking’s EWP Protects Your Electronics!

HUDSON, WI – June 19, 2019 – For applications requiring an extra layer of protection against moisture, vehicle exhaust, pool chemicals or extreme temperatures, Enhanced Weather Protection gives you the durability you need for years of service.

“A customer down in his Florida beach home just took out one of our analog EWP entry phones because he is changing to a VoIP service provider. The Viking unit was still fully functional even after 10+ years of service in that salty air.” – Greg Yocom, Senior Engineer at Viking Electronics

Viking products with Enhanced Weather Protection have a circuit board that is potted in urethane or thermoplastic. The potting material won’t crack in cold weather, it provides protection against moisture and condensation, and it’s an excellent electrical insulator. In conjunction with the potting material, EWP products feature internally sealed push-to-call buttons, dip-switches, and volume control pots. Additional gaskets for the speaker, mic and faceplate make EWP compliant to an IP66 rating.

Customers trust Viking’s EWP products for tough applications like ocean beach properties, swimming pools areas or in parking garages. Door and gate entry phones that are exposed to the harsh elements can also be protected with Enhanced Weather Protection.

We’ve put EWP to the test with the outdoor phones used at our manufacturing facility in Hudson, Wisconsin. If you’d like to see the video, search for “Viking EWP” on YouTube.

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Viking Electronics engineers and manufactures over 500 security and communication products in the USA. Products include Emergency Phones, Entry Systems, Paging Interfaces, Mass Notification Systems, Hotline Phones, Autodialers, Enclosures and more. In addition to their extensive analog line, Viking offers a large selection of IP products that are SIP compliant. Based in Hudson, Wisconsin, Viking’s legacy of reliability and electronic innovation spans 50+ years. Viking builds products that are designed to last and they also offer many of their products with Enhanced Weather Protection. Offering free lifetime product support they also back their products with a two-year limited warranty. For more information, please visit: