Phone Line Status Monitor with a Relay – LVR-1, NEW From Viking Electronics

HUDSON, WI – June 2, 2020 – The LVR-1 monitors analog phone lines for a drop in voltage and activates relay contacts that signal a non-working phone line.

It’s nice to think analog phone lines work all the time, and critical to know when they are down. The LVR-1 integrates with alert systems to minimize response times to a disconnected phone line.” – Bill Heideman, President, Viking Electronics

When the voltage on an analog phone line monitored by the LVR-1 drops below 2 Volts, the LVR-1 begins a countdown timer. This variable length timer can be programmed to avoid false alarms. Once the threshold is reached, two onboard relay contacts activate signaling connected devices of a non-working or disconnected phone line.

This same variable length timer is also used to prevent multiple alert signals should the line go in and out of service.

The LVR-1 can be paired with Viking’s auto dialers, tone generators and lights for a comprehensive alert system. It can also be used to switch telecom devices with a backup phone line.

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